about me

Hi! My name is Paige - haha, starting out like that always makes me think of the summer camp song: "Hi, My name is Bob... and I work in a button factory (factory), I've got a wife..."  - anyhoo, if you don't know it - you should it's right up there with "The Princess Pat"...  There are awesome versions of both on YouTube if you need clarification.   

I find that there is little in my life that a massive craft binge has failed to rectify. Be it a crappy day at work or school, a massive midterm, a failed relationship, a failed friendship, an episode of Glee where Finn and Rachel broke up for the 100th time - really, any situation that isn't 100% ideal can be fixed with a little hot glue...

So as a result of this philosophy... I have started my own shop, Artsy Anthropology  -- with that came the need for social media and blogging...

AND THAT MY FRIENDS... is how I ended up here, making pretty small corners of the inter-web.  

When you get online and find a fun, colorful blog - it usually helps to cheer you up - and I love the idea that my work can help brighten someone's day.

So... that's me in a nut-shell.