shall we begin?

The Fine Print ie: All the Rules are listed at the bottom of this page.  Please read them before submitting your design request.

The Fine Print: 
- I will charge you for 50% of the total design price prior to starting your design, the remaining 50% will be charged after revisions and prior to installation, payments will be processed through PayPal.

- I will set up a "mock blog" with all of your design elements, so that we can work together to get it looking perfect before it is installed on your blog.

- I will need to be temporarily granted accesses to your blogger account for the installation of your blog, which can be done without granting me access to any other personal information - just your blog.

- Any graphics that are produced by paige by design for your blog or shop, may not be reproduced onto other media... ie: your blog header may not be used for your shop banner or business card.
               *If you would like to purchase the rights to the designs, I will charge an additional $15.00 onto    
                  your design total.
               *If you would like to have me design, resize and edit your design package to fit a business card,
                  shop or Facebook, I will do so at a 30% discount within 1 year of your blog design.

paige by design will not be responsible for preserving your current blog, before I install any new designs onto the blog I suggest saving your current theme, I will however save the image and HTML files for your new design should you ever need it.

- A small banner will be placed somewhere in your design (usually along the very bottom) stating that your blog was designed by paige by design, it's not required that you keep this, but I would really appreciate it

How it will all work:
-  Once I have received your form, I will send you another form that will help me figure out what design elements and colors you want

- I will then create a blog header to see if we are going in the right direction, once we determine a header design I will upload all additional blog elements to the mock site.

- Hopefully the design process should take no more than 2 weeks, I will keep you updated on everything as I work on it.