Saturday, January 26, 2013

Be Bold - Use Color

Holy Smokes!  The first blog post - that's a big deal... so what do I blog about, in design related things?  I think... color.

It seems like these days most people are going for the muted colors, or the all white designs... meh... I say - go bold or go home.

Seriously... who doesn't love at least a little bit of color?  

Do you want to be bold?  Do you want color?  The 1st two people who leave a comment asking about blog design will get a complete blogger design for 50% off.

Questions, comments, concerns?  Please leave them below in the box labeled "comments".


  1. Ummmm sign me up! This looks like what I want! Would I be able to keep my header as is if I send you the pic?

  2. Adore the header and signature. They're awesome!!